Friday, January 29, 2016

4 Stars - Reds in the Beds by Martin Turnbull

Publisher: Self-Published
Historical Fiction
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About the Book

Hollywood history is more than just colorful. It's dripping with red.

As World War II ends, a new boogieman emerges: the Red Menace. When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists, MGM writing department head Marcus Adler needs to keep his reputation beyond reproach. Unfortunately in Hollywood, nobody's past is spotless.

While the House un-American Activities Committee prepares to grill the brightest stars in town, gossip columnist Kathryn Massey is doing everything she can to shed the FBI informer mantle she carried during the war. Desperate to avoid tangling with a notorious mobster, Massey may have to take on J. Edgar Hoover himself to secure her freedom.

The war killed Gwendolyn Brick's dream of opening her own store, but valuable secrets can creep into the strangest of places. From behind the perfume counter at Bullocks Wilshire, Brick makes a shocking discovery that could revive her dream and change multiple lives for good.


As the title implies, the Allah series slips seamlessly from WWII into the Hollywood Red Scare era. It seems the trio of friends - Marcus, Kathryn, Gwen - still can't get out of trouble but their stories make for engaging reading. This series has remained strong and I enjoyed it.

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